Auto Point’s Declined Services Follow up Helps Auto Dealers Drive More than Thirty Percent Additional Monthly Service Profit

Carlsbad, CA – March 28, 2011- Auto Point, Inc., (, the pioneer of ownership lifecycle services for the automotive industry, today announced that its turn-key solution for MPi EDGE dealers, “Declined Services Follow-up™”, has proven highly successful.  Auto dealers using the program are generating additional monthly service profits averaging over 30 percent; more than $10,000 per dealership.

MPi’s EDGE™ is part of the World Class Inspection™ (WCI) system. Auto dealers using the WCI program are performing a better inspection and doing a superior job of explaining needed repairs to the customer. The WCI inspection results are delivered in a professional one-of-a-kind customer report that details the vehicle inspection findings and provides a price estimate in an easy- to-read document called the Know Your Vehicle Report™.  The report itself is highly successful in returning customers for declined service.

As an added boost, for those service department customers that do not return within 30 days, Auto Point’s turn-key program, “Declined Services Follow-up” comes into play. It helps re-capture customers who have not yet purchased inspection recommendations made during a previous visit.  The program has proven to be extremely cost-effective for participating dealerships. Auto dealerships are averaging $10,211 per month in incremental service revenue (customers who didn’t initially take advantage of the WCI recommendations within the first 30 days and returned shortly after.)

“Customer retention is very valuable to every auto dealership, especially in the service department. Our turn-key program enhances the World Class Inspection program with ‘Declined Services Follow-up’. Through this exclusive program, Auto Point helps re-capture customers who have not yet purchased, with a substantial increase in service profit for our dealers,” commented Jim Roche, Auto Point Founder and CEO.

Auto Point’s Declined Services Follow Up is fully integrated with the MPi World Class Inspection™ (WCI) system.   The program uses email marketing, voice mail marketing and one-on-one phone conversations with customers to encourage them to return to the dealership to complete declined service recommendations. The email marketing also includes the use of video email; the company has an extensive library of over 240 videos that help explain the needed work and encourage the customer to return to the dealership to complete declined recommended repairs.

Auto Point assigns each dealership a US-based Declined Service Advisor with a local number call-in ID for contacting the dealership’s service customers. Multiple attempts are made to reach declined service customers to get them to return to the dealership. Once the customer is contacted, the Auto Point Declined Service Advisor will carefully review the Know Your Vehicle™ Report with them to ensure they understand their inspection results. The Advisor will discuss unperformed repair or maintenance services in order to schedule a service visit to have the recommended items completed, and can even have the customer review one of the recommendation videos while on the phone, to help further explain, if needed.

Built by several veterans in the automotive customer relationship management arena, Auto Point brings a complete turn-key multi-channel customer lifecycle marketing communication service to automotive retailers. Auto Point works with the dealer to analyze their current programs and retention needs, and then in partnership with the dealership designs a complete customer communication process that is unique to that dealership – from prospect to buyer to service to repeat purchase. The dealership is no longer limited to marketing to only 12 months of its active database. Auto Point helps the dealership market to 4 years of service and sales history and market to its customers for the lifetime of their vehicle ownership.

About Auto Point

Since 2004, Auto Point’s mission has been to help automotive dealerships, enterprise groups, OEMs, and aftermarket repair shops increase profits through greater customer retention. Auto Point is the originator of Ownership Lifecycle Services for a single, unified voice across all stages of vehicle ownership. Auto Point solutions integrate with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and other dealer systems to provide email and direct mail, POS materials, multimedia, and a powerful dealer branded online customer portal. Auto Point offers Mobile Point, an application for Apple iOS and Android-based smart phones, allowing customers to view and manage their vehicle’s service history.

Auto Point’s dealer-tailored solutions keep the dealer brand in the forefront, while Auto Point supports all dealer communications behind the scenes. Auto Point solutions are supported by the in-depth knowledge of the Auto Point team, providing personalized training and support for all programs. Auto Point incorporates the most effective methods for reaching young Internet savvy first-time buyers, to loyal repeat customers, enabling improved sales and profits through increased customer retention. Auto Point is your Once Voice for Customer Retention.

Auto Point, Inc. is a division of Mobile Productivity, Inc. (MPi).

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