Auto Point Helps Hoehn Motors Generate $59,000 in Additional Monthly Profit by Driving Lost Customers back into Dealership

Carlsbad, CA – June 14, 2010, the pioneer of ownership lifecycle services in the automotive industry, today announced that Hoehn Motors generated an additional $33,000 in service revenue in May by crafting a campaign with Auto Point designed to return customers to the dealership who had not visited in over a year.

“Using Auto Point we sent a well crafted email message out to customers we believed were lost to us. We included a special coupon offer and it was a huge success. For example, one customer who hadn’t visited the dealership since 2005 received the promotion, scheduled a service and spent over $1,300,” said Kris Truman, general manager Hoehn Mercedes-Benz.

Based in Carlsbad, California, just North of San Diego, Hoehn Mercedes-Benz is part of Hoehn Motors, a Porsche, Audi, Infiniti, Acura and Honda dealer group. Hoehn Mercedes- Benz sells approximately 100 vehicles per month and services approximately 1,700. It enjoys a strong lease business with 60 percent of customers purchasing leases that typically range from 24-48 months. Three years ago, while searching for an effective way to maintain a constant presence to ensure customers’ return at lease expiration, the dealership came across Auto Point’s ownership lifecycle management services and immediately signed up. Its lease retention rate has since climbed dramatically from a 19 percent average to 36 percent.

“Before Auto Point, we used a basic CRM system that relied on sales and service personnel to do their own follow up. With only 45 percent of my staff religiously following up, it was not very effective. Now, however, we have a complete turnkey process; we no longer need to baby sit the work to ensure it gets done,” said Truman. “Without any effort, we are regularly in front of all our customers with targeted, effective messages that elicit the right response,” Truman added.

Hoehn Motors now uses a complete ownership lifecycle management approach to its promotions, including:

  • Thank you messages from the sales staff
  • Service Department introductory letters with complete service advisor contact information, photos and years of service; accompanied with a 10 percent discount coupon on any service
  • One year anniversary calls
  • 90, 60 and 30 day lease termination reminders
  • Extended warranty reminders after one year of ownership
  • “Lost soul” messages to customers who have not visited the dealership in over a year
  • General sales and service marketing specials

The campaigns have been very successful; from January through April of this year the dealership sent out a combined total of 51,742 targeted campaign messages, which produced a 31.48 percent response rate.

Truman especially values the system when a customer comes into the service drive that purchased their vehicle elsewhere, “With Auto Point we capture the customer data and they receive the same messages as if they had purchased a vehicle from us. We are constantly in front of them so we are there for all their service needs and when they are ready to make their next vehicle purchase. Before, the customer would come in and perhaps never return and would be completely lost to us. Auto Point automatically puts them onto a follow up program; it’s highly effective, low cost and extremely profitable.”

About Auto Point

Since 2004, Auto Point’s mission has been to help automotive dealerships, enterprise groups, OEMs, and aftermarket repair shops increase profits through greater customer retention. Auto Point is the originator of Ownership Lifecycle Services for a single, unified voice across all stages of vehicle ownership. Auto Point solutions integrate with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and other dealer systems to provide email and direct mail, POS materials, multimedia, and a powerful dealer branded online customer portal. Auto Point offers Mobile Point, an application for Apple iOS and Android-based smart phones, allowing customers to view and manage their vehicle’s service history.

Auto Point’s dealer-tailored solutions keep the dealer brand in the forefront, while Auto Point supports all dealer communications behind the scenes. Auto Point solutions are supported by the in-depth knowledge of the Auto Point team, providing personalized training and support for all programs. Auto Point incorporates the most effective methods for reaching young Internet savvy first-time buyers, to loyal repeat customers, enabling improved sales and profits through increased customer retention. Auto Point is your Once Voice for Customer Retention.

Auto Point, Inc. is a division of Mobile Productivity, Inc. (MPi).

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