Auto Point's Ownership Lifecycle Management Services (OLM) solution provides a full suite of automated, flexible, integrated campaign fulfillment options empowering you to reach out and contact your customers in the most efficient way possible for them. These including the following:

  • Sophisticated direct mail – Not everyone is on the internet, and you still need to reach them.
  • Professionally designed emails – It is not good enough to send just any email, if you are going to do it, do it right the first time.
  • Live agent and automated telephone calls – Nothing beats talking to your customers directly, and our Live Agent call services accomplish this with amazing results.

Furthermore, Auto Point provides additional capabilities beyond traditional direct mail, email, and phone calls like:

  • Auto Point library of maintenance and repair videos
  • Two way text messaging (SMS)
  • Mobile Point mobile app
  • Flexible automated VOIP based telephone message delivery
  • Personal Web Page functionality
  • Personal URL addresses for consumers
  • Emails with embedded videos
  • Declined services follow‐up campaigns
  • Loyalty Point system to calculate and track customer rewards
  • Social networking site integration
  • iOS and Android based Mobile apps