Marketing Solutions


Auto Point’s team of automotive marketing experts provides the most comprehensive programs, tools, and multimedia available. We use our advanced marketing solutions to focus on key areas.

Dedicated Account Specialists

Each dealership, dealer group, OEM, or aftermarket operation is assigned a dedicated account specialist. Behind each specialist is the Auto Point team of marketing specialists, sales experts, service experts, and support staff. You can be assured that whenever you call, you will get a person that knows your account and not a voice mail. Our account teams can focus on critical areas to achieve your goals:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Vehicle repurchases by ‘Lost Souls’
  • Service reminders
  • Declined services
  • Complete Ownership Lifecycle Services

Direct Mail

Auto Point maintains a massive library of direct mail templates for rapid development and response. Each piece may be branded with specific copy for each mailing. We can use your customer list or draw from our database for potential new customers.

  • Service reminders
  • Service mailers
  • Parts & accessories
  • "Lost Souls”



Format and content are critical for successful and effective email communications. We manage the entire process with your direction, from concept to delivery. With the ability to create everything from static emails to survey and video emails, Auto Point has the experience to get your message noticed. All campaigns are tracked via the dealer portal data analysis & reporting. We comply with strict regulations for anti-SPAM.

  • Service mailers
  • Customer emails
  • Email brochures
  • Ad-hoc campaigns


Email with Video

Customers respond to visual images and videos more than they do with words. Auto Point offers an extensive library of videos relating to service issues to include as part of your email campaigns.

  • Extensive list of service reminder videos
  • Dealer introductions
  • Greetings from service department
  • Customized videos
  • Dealership branded


In-dealer POS materials

Our team of marketing professionals will help you design, produce and mail effective printed marketing materials. With variable data printing, we can customize images and information for each customer, which is proven to increase response rates ten-fold.

  • Posters
  • Counter Rack cards
  • Take away post cards
  • Window Clings
  • Business Cards

Ownership Lifecycle Services

Auto Point provides the industry's leading ownership Lifecycle Services Solution. Our exclusive program can help your dealership communicate with your customers throughout the life of their vehicle with one consistent voice. By allowing Auto Point to manage your customer retention efforts, you will significantly lower marketing expenses while increasing customer loyalty and retention rates during the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle.

  • New car sales
  • Post sales offers
  • Maintenance & service
  • Repurchase

Text Messaging

Reach your customers instantly with personalized SMS/text messaging. Our cutting-edge program will allow you to send consistent updates, exclusive offers and other information from your dealership directly to your customer's mobile devices.

  • Message to any mobile phone
  • Consistent messaging for all communications
  • On-demand messaging
  • Two-way communications
  • Special order parts
  • Your vehicle is ready
  • Sales communications
  • Special offers


Over the years, Auto Point has developed an advanced telephony system for outbound and inbound communications. As well as live person contacts, we will create and produce automated phone calls that are professionally recorded for a specific campaign or dealership event.

  • Live outbound / inbound communications
  • Customer automated voice response
  • Service reminders
  • Service follow-up
  • Celebrity voices
  • Declined service follow-up
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Satisfaction interviews
  • Email address collection