Data Analysis & Reporting


Data Analysis & Reporting

How well do you know your customers and whether you are marketing effectively to them? Auto Point's business foundation is built on years of experience extracting and mining data from multiple DMS systems. Beginning with your sales and service data, Auto Point creates a robust database that contains your customers complete contact details, sales information and vehicle information.

We then augment your data with driving patterns, additional email addresses, NCOA, CASS certification, response rates and return on investment; all designed to provide you the ultimate customer retention database. Auto Point then extracts sales and service updates daily, so your customer database is always up to date.

Management Reports

In order to measure your program and optimize your return on investment, Auto Point provides you with detailed reports, dashboards and analysis that measures the responses from all types of communications to the total sales from each campaign. You will have instant access to information that provides indicators as to what drove your customers back to your service department or showroom.

On average, dealers spend over $400,000 per year on advertising, being able to increase retention by 10 percent can give you more flexibility with your advertising budget.

You may view samples of Auto Point reports for Know Your Customer Data Analysis and Reporting by clicking the buttons below. For more information, contact an Auto Point Certified Consultant.