Mobile App


Plug into the power of customer retention

Dealerships lose valuable services business as vehicles age. Young tech-savvy consumers are entering the market, leaning toward aftermarket service shops. Auto Point has created Mobile Point™ as an advanced media solution for Dealers, to attract new customers and retain them after the sale.

Mobile Point

The mobile app solution for maximizing customer loyalty and retention at your dealership features:

  • DMS-integration
  • Complete ownership lifecycle push notifications
  • Detailed reporting metrics

Mobile Point™ is our DMS‐integrated mobile app designed for Apple iOS and Android devices that enables vehicle owners to manage their vehicle life online by providing  functionality like vehicle tracking, updated service history, appointment setting, and unique discounts and offers. In addition, vehicle owners can select and view videos about vehicle ownership and declined services from our robust video library. When it’s near the end of their purchase term, they can view the selection of new and used vehicles from the online inventory.

Mobile Point is designed to provide service customers with a customer‐service focused mobile platform to manage their vehicles’ service needs in real-time. Most of the other apps on the market only focus on sales, and are not integrated with the DMS, so they fail to take advantage of the customer information you already have available. We designed our app for dealership service customers to build service retention and loyalty. We believe:

  • Providing a superior customer service experience = repeat business
  • Handling a poor customer service experience effectively = increased customer loyalty and word‐of‐mouth promotion to family and friends

Push Notifications

Mobile Point is integrated with the Auto Point Ownership Lifecycle Services system and will deliver relevant push notifications to the mobile devices. These important notifications include service reminders, open and closed RO's, CSI follow‐up, declined services follow‐up, specials, or just a “happy birthday” from their dealership. We work with you to analyze your current programs and retention needs, designing a complete customer communication road map unique to each dealership – from prospect to buyer to service to repeat purchase. Any and all of the campaigns generated by Ownership Lifecycle Services can be delivered as push notifications.

We suggest our best practices and let you choose push notification timing, the language style of each message, and the call‐to‐action for immediate measurement of effectiveness. The setup of push notifications can be identical for all locations or unique for every dealership.





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