Solutions for Aftermarket

Mad Dog CRM

Build customer retention through clear, consistent communications.

logo_maddogcrm_wtaglineAuto Point has a specialized team that focuses on aftermarket repair and tire shops. Our team is called Mad Dog CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and because your customers and your price points for aftermarket services differ from dealerships;  we’ve developed a process to build customer retention for your market. Mad Dog CRM can help your shop recapture lost revenues and retain your customers.


Lifetime Retention

Our Lifetime Retention program combines proven customer retention methods with innovative technology to help you become the most trusted and valued resource for your customers. Communicate simply and directly with your customers for as long as they own their vehicles and save yourself and your customer's time and money. Mad Dog analyzes your customer retention needs, then designs and implements a comprehensive Lifetime Loyalty Process.  We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your customers happy with your service and loyal to your shop.


Programs and Services

Mad Dog CRM utilizes the resources of Auto Point for dynamic email with surveys and video content, personal web pages, custom print materials, and voice and text messages. We have the ability to data mine four years of customer data and use your existing customer information for campaigns. We leverage solutions from Full Throttle for optimal marketing solutions.